Save €70 by Inviting colleague transporters to the Marketplace

If they create a new account, you will both save €70 on your Hakka Marketplace subscription. Read below how to send an invite.
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Let's expand this thriving community
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Netherlands Expansion

Together, we can create an even larger community of like-minded transporters in the Netherlands.

Invite Friends And Save €70

Each company you invite can start the Marketplace for only 25 euros. Once they start their subscription, you also enjoy the discounted price of 25 euros.

More Users, More Collaborations

More Dutch transporters active on the Marketplace boost collaboration potential.
All you need to know about the referral campaign


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Who can use the referral discount?
We are focusing this campaign on the Netherlands. However, these discounts apply to all nationalities and all transporters who do not have an account yet. Feel free to invite your entire network.
How do you track who invites whom?
The referrals will be tracked via your registration link. If you want to enjoy the discount, you must share your personal referral link. Send this to transport companies and advise them to register via your link. This link can be found on the Hakka Dashboard upon login. The discount for creating an account only applies to companies that do not already have a Hakka account.
When do I get the discounted price?
You will receive the discounted prices after your invited company starts the Hakka Marketplace subscription. The following month of Hakka marketplace will only cost 25 euros.
Who can join the Hakka Marketplace?
The Hakka Marketplace is only for transporters with their own vehicles. Before gaining access to the marketplace we will conduct our regular checks. If the company you invited passes the criteria they will receive the Marketplace discount.
When does a discounted subscription end?
Subscriptions for the Hakka Marketplace renew each month automatically. Companies can stop their subscriptions in the settings menu. If a company chooses to stop their subscription, they will have access until the end of the month in which they stopped their subscription. The subscription price will be reset to the original price of 95 euros at the end of each month unless there is a discount that still needs to be applied.
How many discounts can I get for inviting transporters?
You will be given a maximum of 12 months discounted price.
What is the duration of the referral campaign?
The campaign will run from mid-September till mid-November. The campaign could potentially be extended.
How do I add funds to my wallet?
To add funds to your account, we use a digital wallet via our partner cinvio. Upon login, you can let Hakka automatically create your cinvio account. Cinvio will send you a confirmation email once your account is ready.