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Hakka is a digital platform helping road transporters in their day-to-day. Join a community of +700 transport companies and increase your revenue.

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Exchange container rides or empties and increase profitable trips with our collaboration platform. Never miss an opportunity with email notifications of all demands and offers.

Hakka Hub

Request your container storage, weigh, truck parking, and so on at multiple Hub locations and get an instant quote. It is as easy as booking online and getting serviced at your preferred location.

PSA Night Visits

Save time and visit the deep-sea terminals at night by paying a micro fee per container. Hakka connects to terminal gate-out information, so you won't have to fill in extra administration, and you can see the prices in real-time.


Triangulation is not only efficient but also eco-friendly. With reload, you use one truck, one driver, one chassis, and one container for two rides.  In Hakka, you get an automatic agreement with the ocean liner, and the right price is calculated based on the distance you save.
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