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We digitalise and automate your logistics services so you and your customers save time.

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Discover How The Hakka Hub Works

Price Manager

Choose your prices and even add time-based & custom pricing for specific customers.

Hub Overview

You and your customers get an overview of all container statuses and positions.

Instant bookings

Customers book online and see all availabilities and prices of your services.

Payment & invoicing

You can instantly collect revenue once the service is completed. Automatically send out invoices.
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Physical Add-Ons

On-Site Driver Announcement Portal

Each order is accompanied by a QR code that the driver can easily scan at the Hub upon arrival. No additional support required from you.

Reduce registration time and cost

Drivers announce their arrival on their own

Reduces manual registration errors

Avoiding manual input leads to fewer errors

Improve your Hub flow

Create an easy-to-understand flow on your hub

Less congestion on-site

Reduce waiting times on your hub
Physical Add-Ons

Stacker Driver App

Stacker drivers receive a clear and comprehensive overview of their to-do's and can easily update the status and position of containers within the app.

See all hub announcements

See who announced their arrival on your hub and for which services

Clear and easy servicing

Avoid confusion on which services need to be delivered
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Automatic task assignment

Eliminate manual stacker drive task assignment

Update and manage all orders

Stacker drivers complete tasks and update container statuses via the app

Modular Plans

Pick the plan that fits you and your hub


Get started with no setup cost
€ 500per month
Let customers come to you with Hakka Hub Platform access
Price manager
Instant bookings
Hub overview
Announcement Portal
Real-time notifications
Stacker Driver App
Get started


One-time setup cost (€ 2.500)
€ 750per month
Optimize your processes & on-site hub flows
Price manager
Instant bookings
Hub overview
Announcement Portal
Real-time notifications
Stacker Driver App
Get started


Everything you need to know about the Hakka Hub. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Get in contact with our team.
Who can offer hub services via the Hakka Hub?
Any operator of a Hub can offer services via the Hakka Hub. We define hubs as yards,(inland) terminals, depots, or any locations, big or small, where container or truck services can be offered. Example services are storage, weighing, shunting, truck parking, truckwash, and any other service you can think of.
Who can book my hub service?
Every Hakka user has free access to the Hakka Hub and can book orders. All you customers need to do is create a Hakka and cinvio account. Once their registration is approved they can start booking on your Hub.
On what devices can I use the Announcement Portal?
The Announcement Portal is a web app and can be used on any device via any webbrowser.
On what devices can I use the Stacker Driver App?
The Stacker App is an Android-based app and can only be used on devices with Android operating system.
What is the setup cost for the Advanced plan?
The setup cost of € 2.500 is used to configure the Hub, testing, go-live effort, and set up of the Announcement Portal and Stacker Driver App on your Hub.
What is the price for multiple hub locations?
The prices above are displayed per month & per location. e.g.: If you have two Basic hub locations you pay 2x €500 per month.
How does payment and invoicing work?
Payments and invoices are automatically performed via our partner cinvio. When a customer books a service of your Hub the amount of that service is reserved on their cinvio wallet. Once the service is performed the payment will automatically be made for the full amount to your cinvio account.